Reflectance Standards

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The Optical Reference Laboratory is your preferred source for high quality NIST traceable reference mirrors.  These specular reflectance standards exhibit superior surface quality and spectral accuracy of  0.25%  and better – see the Accuracy and Traceability page – designed to exceed your most demanding needs.

Vacuum deposited aluminum on glass is the most commonly used specular reflectance mirror.  Optical Reference Laboratory offers an aluminum mirror of 1.5 inches in diameter, housed in a convenient screw cap container, as shown here.  Silver is also available as the reflective surface, and both metals are protected by a thin absentee overcoat.

NIST traceability is provided for these options:

•  Incident angles of 8, 30, and 45 degrees
•  S, P and random polarizer orientations
•  Wavelength range 250-2500 nm  (aluminum)
•  Wavelength range 400-2500 nm  (silver)

The mirrors can be calibrated at angles other than those listed above, without the NIST certification.  Calibration data will be provided at 5 nm intervals unless otherwise requested.

Typical Aluminum Spectral Profile graph, Optical Reference Laboratory, LLC
Many options for standard mirror calibrations are available, including wavelength ranges, angles of incidence, polarization states, and whether the NIST certification is included.  The price for the most common configuration is given below.  Shipping within the USA is included (2-3 days).  Please inquire for quotes on other options.  
NIST certified aluminum mirror in housing,  250-2500 nm,  8 degrees incidence:     $965   USD