The Lab

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The Optical Reference Laboratory is located in Davis, CA, USA.  UV/VIS/NIR spectral measurements are recorded using a PerkinElmer model Lambda 1050 spectrophotometer, with several sampling accessories available.  For specular reflectance measurements, the Universal Reflectance Accessory (URA) and the VN family of absolute reflectance accessories can be used.  A 150 mm integrating sphere can be employed for measurements of diffuse or total reflection / transmission.  Normal transmission measurements can be recorded at angles of incidence up to 60 degrees.

The_PerkinElmer_Lambda_1050_Spectrophotometer, Optical Reference Laboratory, Davis, CA
The resident spectroscopist is Bill Sweet, who served for more than 20 years as an applications scientist with PerkinElmer.  During this time Bill acquired an interest in the use of high performance instrumentation in the optics and coatings industry, and his experience is now brought to bear on creating high quality standards and accurate measurements for customers.  He has advised and trained many instrument users on best practices in spectroscopy and metrology.